UFC betting restrictions: Are they legal?

UFC betting restrictions

In accordance with Royal Decree (DR) 958/2020, no bookmaker or gambling company can offer welcome promotions to users. Although you can still access the promotions, to do so you must comply with the following:

  • Be of age.
  • Have a minimum of 30 days registered in the bookmaker.
  • Have successfully completed the KYC or identity verification process.

Read and comply with the terms and conditions of the online gambling site.

How to choose the bookmaker to bet on the UFC?

When choosing a bookmaker for the UFC, we suggest taking some suggestions before doing so. Since, it is important to consider some factors that can greatly improve the experience, and these are:

Payment methods

The first thing is to make sure that the bookmaker you have selected has the payment method that you plan to use to fund your account. Since, otherwise, you will have problems making your first deposits. Today, a wide variety is available, from bank transfers, credit / debit cards or choose to place your bets with Paypal.

Number of events

Number of events

We always recommend evaluating the number of events available, since if you are betting on the UFC, you are interested in having all the available tournaments appear, so you will have the freedom to choose.

Application and website

It is important that your website is very well optimized, and if it is not, you can always use the app. Therefore, make sure they have both options; so that they can be backed up in case one of them fails.

Customer Support

Customer service is very important if you are a beginner in betting, and therefore this point could not be left behind. We believe that a betting site must have various means of communication to be considered efficient, or otherwise, have a very low response rate.

Types of bets on the UFC

On the other hand, it is important to clarify that betting on the UFC is quite simple, since there are only 2 ways to bet on tournaments, and they are:

For victory

It is the type of traditional bet that we all know, and that consists of selecting a final winner. If we succeed in our bet, we will get a prize, otherwise, we will lose the money.

Per round

Let’s remember that UFC events are in rounds, and we can choose a winner for each round if we wish. Certainly, this represents a very big advantage for the most experienced in UFC betting.

If you want to choose another sports discipline and type of bet, remember that you can always opt for handicap bets, which are among the most popular in football, tennis or basketball.

Conclusion: How do you know if it is safe to bet on the UFC?

First of all, don’t get carried away by a bookmaker or online betting site that offers welcome bonuses. Since, in accordance with Royal Decree 958/2020, said bonuses are totally prohibited, and no gambling or betting agency can offer them in order to retain a customer.

Therefore, a bookmaker that offers you welcome bonuses is a sign of illegality, and therefore, of insecurity. Now, to identify that a betting site is safe, you simply have to verify that it has the certification seals of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling or DGOJ.

Frequently asked questions about UFC betting

UFC betting

Now that you know everything about betting on the UFC, there may be some doubts about it, and for this reason we have prepared a special section with the most frequently asked questions related to the subject.

Is it legal to bet on the UFC?

Yes. Just like any sport, betting on the UFC is legal, however, you must ensure that you place it on a betting site that is also legal and operates under a license from the DGOJ.

How to place bets on the UFC?

It’s simple, just sign up to one of the mentioned betting sites, complete the verification process and then make a deposit. Once this is done, all you have to do is look for the sports area and choose: UFC. There will be all the available events, choose your winner, establish an amount and confirm your bet.

Where to bet on the UFC?

You simply have to register at one of the UFC betting sites we have mentioned before, bet365 is one of the best, followed by William Hill, Betsson, Betway, among others.v

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