Barça goes to poker: Piqué, player-president

Barça goes to poker

Bombshell in LaLiga: Given the economic difficulties, Barça will present its new poker section in the coming weeks. Confirmed the presence of Piqué, the already ex-soccer player is looking for the rest of the team.

It is said that Barça is “more than a club” due to its multi-sports nature. Soccer, basketball, futsal, handball and roller hockey are the professional sections, to which are added amateur sections such as athletics, volleyball or an ice hockey that lives in exile. And as has been able to learn, the poker section will soon be added, with a name that stands out above the rest: Gerard Piqué, until recently captain and benchmark of the club, will be player-president.

Tired of being a substitute, Piqué will change the Camp Nou bench for the poker tables. One of the reasons that precipitated the unexpected withdrawal of 3 culé before the World Cup break is, precisely, his involvement in the new section of the club. Its launch was scheduled for the medium term, but the obstacles that Thebes puts up time and again to fair play, the exhaustion of the levers and the impossibility of closing an advertising agreement for the sleeve of the shirt with a cryptocurrency company have precipitated the events. in view of the need to obtain new income.

Let’s remember that Piqué “gave up” some 40 million euros at the time of his withdrawal. With his new occupation, he will receive part of the salary that he forgave in his day to allow the registration of new footballers. Although the new position is not paid, Barcelona will be in charge of paying for the entry to the tournaments and the profits will be shared 50/50 between the club and the former soccer player.

EPT Barcelona 2023: key moment

EPT Barcelona 2023

Piqué is an accomplished specialist poker player. In 2019 he already won 350,000 euros in the European Poker Tour in Barcelona, and for now he has the mission of bringing together four people with a clear objective: the EPT Barcelona 2023, which will take place from August 21 to September 3. The idea is that the four Barça members sit at the table wearing a special shirt and the official FC Barcelona cap.

Spurred on by the success of the women’s club, Laporta dreams of incorporating Leo Margets, also from Barcelona, into the new section. A difficult but not impossible objective, according to what several sources from the culé club have confirmed to us. Consulted by this medium, Tebas has confirmed that the issue came up in the famous meeting he had with Laporta and Roures in the summer of 2021 and assures that he will personally take care “that not a cent from Barça Poker goes to football, nor to pay the gardener to Xavi”.

Eduard Romeu, Barça’s economic vice president, has confirmed that in the absence of levers they are studying the creation of Barça Apuestas, an online betting house inspired by the Catalans. Logically, today is December 28 and this is an innocent. Any resemblance to reality is pure fiction, although after selling the assets for the next few decades, we cannot rule out that Laporta ends up opening a poker section.

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