Molly’s Game (2017): Casino Movie Based On The Real Story

Casino Movie

Directed By Aaron Sorkin, this brilliant movie depicts the life of American entrepreneur and author Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain), a “Poker Princess” who became famous for the organization of high-stakes poker games for Hollywood celebrities. It is a very entertaining casino movie that is entirely based on the real story. If you are passionate about gambling in online casinos and looking for films about the casino industry to watch, you should grab popcorn and enjoy “Mollys Game” instead of playing at Bizzo Casino or other websites. Well, you can enjoy your favorite casino games another time: a story of Molly Bloom is worth watching especially if you are interested in gambling and its history.

Facts About Molly Bloom

Casino Movie

Molly is arrested at the very beginning of the movie, and the past is given in flashbacks with voice-over commentary – it’s like her story to the lawyer (played by Idris Elba), a man of impeccable morals. We will have to decide together with him whether his client is guilty or not. A former professional skier, Molly needed to leave the sport after injury. In 2004, young Molly Bloom came to Los Angeles and started working as a bartender at the Viper Club nightclub, which gathers poker players every week for underground games. After being fired, she decides she starts organizing high-stakes poker games on her own, and many celebrities including Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, Macaulay Culkin, Nelly, Mare Kate, and Ashley Olsen visit her games. Cornered by FBI agents determined to bring her down, threatened by the Russian mafia determined to take control of her activities, and hounded by celebrities worried that she will betray them, Molly Bloom is caught in the crossfire.

In 2013 Bloom was arrested for illegal sports gambling operations and laundering and in 2014 she was sentenced to one year of probation, hours of community service, and mustn’t pay various charges. In 2014, nicknamed the Poker Princess, Bloom published a memoir about her experiences as a high stakes poker, Molly’s Game. “Molly’s Game”, written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, got in 2018 an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay.

Why Is “Molly’s Game“ a Great Film For Gamblers And Poker Players

Casino Movie

„Molly’s Game“ is not just an entertaining story about an ambitious woman, but a film that depicts the poker industry. Thus, the movie devotes a lot of screen time to the nuances of poker with demonstration and explanation of strategies and moves. If you’ve never sat down at a poker table, Sorkin’s movie will also educate you about poker and help you better understand the nuances of the game.

Of course, the movie has many other interesting motifs and storylines, one of them being Molly’s complicated relationship with her father (Kevin Kostner). In many ways, the movie can be described as feminist Molly is surrounded by people who don’t appreciate her, ranging from a caring tyrant (Kevin Costner’s psychiatrist father) and a lovesick idiot (Chris OʼDowd) to a variety of poker nuts, the most nefarious of whom – seemingly drawn from Tobey Maguire – is played perfectly by Michael Cera. 

Sorkin’s talent is more than enough to make the two-plus hours fly by quickly: machine-gun dialog combined with snappy editing just doesn’t give you time to get bored.  Successful screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, in his debut, directorial effort, has proven himself to be a responsible storyteller. He manages to tell an ordinary story in a lively and audacious way, with sparkling dialog, and sparkling editing. He fully explored the history of not only Molly, but also the whole “scheme” of poker, providing it all with remarkable, author dialogues, and the voice-over of Molly herself, who to an unaware viewer, explains how she was saved from sleep by drugs, and that she almost defended her thesis on astronomy, when in the night breaks, from boredom, browsing the Internet, while others were losing their “millions”. The film is definitely worth viewing.

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