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We have reached the end of our article, fortunately we provide you with the information you need. We show you the best roulette strategies so that you can increase your chances of success in this famous game. Also, you met those less recommended roulette strategies, but just as interesting. Our intention is that you know as many as possible so that you have something to choose from.

Each roulette strategy brings with it various advantages and disadvantages that must be well analyzed. Our highest recommendation is to try them all in demo versions, where you don’t risk your money. If you do, you can choose the roulette strategy or strategies that are most to your liking. The important thing is that you can put it into practice playing for real money so that you get great prizes.

Once you know the roulette strategies better and feel comfortable, it is time to apply it. For this we will leave you below a list with the best online casinos to bet and win at roulette. By registering with one of the recommended casinos, you will be able to play, practice, become an expert and win big. Do not miss this unique opportunity and start your adventure in this world. As long as you play responsibly you will have a good time at all times. Don’t wait any longer and start betting with the best roulette strategies in the industry. Choose the roulette strategy that best suits you.

The Constant Proportion Strategy

Constant Proportion Strategy

This is a very easy to apply and understand roulette strategy, it is recommended for new users. This system is often confused by the constant bet. Although they are similar, the one of proportion is using a percentage of your bankroll and the other is a fixed amount.

To see it easier we will show you an example as we are used to. Our bet budget will be €100, therefore the system is as follows:

We set the percentage that we are going to use to start our proportion system. We decided to bet 10%, which is equal to €10 in this case. We place our bet and wait for the result.

After making our first bet, it is winning, now our budget will be €110. We recover the €10 wagered and win another €10. From there we must now take 10% of that budget and make the next bet. Now 10% of our new budget will be €11, we bet and expect results.

Assuming that it is lost, the budget with which we start drops to €90. In the next round of roulette you must bet €9.

You should continue this pattern depending on how much your budget is and the percentage you chose. Follow the system until you decide to quit or lose the initial amount you started with.

This is one of those roulette strategies where the volatility can be high or low. You can get big prizes or lose it all very quickly. Similarly, if you are more conservative you can achieve small gains and take less risk of losing everything. This will depend on the percentage of proportion that we decide to choose to bet.

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